Fame: fame: whole generations
going up in pique, uncalled,
unchosen! Silly to waste much strength
earning a place of note (there’s not
a grave without
its certified _has-been_)
but once…I wanted a star in my name;
or a state, a river, a unit of measure…
a street, at least…Spacks Street…Spacks Place…
how nice! Imagine the little kids
playing Giant Steps after dinner in summer,
leaping from one of your curbs to the other.
Or someone moves, does well, gains weight
and years and accolades, and says
“God, if they only could see me today,
the old gang
back on Spacks Street!”

- by Barry Spacks

There are any number of fictional addresses that have one foot in mythology and the other somewhere in reality – but eschew:  Easy Street, Yellow Brick Road, Memory Lane.  At the moment, SPACKS STREET is just such a lane, with a place in literature, but not a corresponding location on a street map.  It is the title poem for a collection of Barry Spacks’ work published in 1982.  But there is a growing group of “Spacks-o-philes” in Santa Barbara who wish to formally name the alleyway leading from State Street, past Granada Books, to the parking lot behind the Granada Theater as SPACKS STREET.

To the group that so loved the poet and his poetry, it has already been mythically christened “SPACKS STREET.”   Like the infamous Easy Street and the Yellow Brick Road, this alleyway has already been branded “SPACKS STREET” by local poets, authors, poetry fans and friends.

To celebrate the informal naming of the thoroughfare, there will be a two month exhibition of Spacks’ art work at Sullivan Goss – An American Gallery.  The show will open on the 1st Thursday in April and run through May.  As you would expect the exhibit is titled “108 Spacks Street.”

There will be 108 paintings for sale at the price of $108/each, honoring the Buddhist tradition of using 108 (the number of beads on a mala or rosary) for auspicious occasions.

To additionally celebrate the event there will be a limited supply of Spacks Street T-shirts and Spacks Street Book Bags as well as a selection of many of the books he authored.  Please join us as we celebrate his remarkable life and career.